The holiday season is fast approaching, but you have lots of time to get prepared for Thanksgiving 2020 at the Grande Center before it’s too late. Whether you’re hosting the big meal or spending the day with loved ones, the meal can be unbearable to wait for. Here are our favorite ways to prepare for Thanksgiving 2020 while shopping in Irving at Grande Center:

Grab an Edible Gift at Grande Center for Thanksgiving 2020

Edible Arrangements is a fantastic place to shop for centerpieces or hostess gifts if you’re planning on spending Thanksgiving 2020 as a guest in someone’s home. Have a stunning piece made entirely of delicious, fresh fruits to have placed at the center of your table as an edible treat, or created as an expression of gratitude for the host of your Thanksgiving invitation. 

Make Dinner Simple Tonight

It’s still just as important to support the restaurants and local businesses in our communities so that they may thrive during these difficult times. Order your favorite Chinese cuisines from the Empress of China and have your meal prepared for pick up at the restaurant or as a contactless delivery through one of the many thriving local delivery services. 

Another Easy Meal Option 

The tried and true easy family dinner idea is always pizza, so you can’t go wrong with ordering everyone’s favorite pie and toppings at Pizza Patron. Download their app on your device to take advantage of exclusive deals and to simplify the ordering process when you want a quick and easy dinner idea for the family after a night of holiday shopping. 

Stop by and do your shopping in Grande Center, and enjoy one of these wonderful restaurants when you’re craving something delicious before Thanksgiving comes around. Want to find more of the best ways to support businesses in Irving? Check out our directory today! 

Photo Sourced from Getty Images: #1173468769

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