Support Local by Ordering from the Best Places to Eat in Irving

Do your part to support the local economy by ordering delicious meals from your favorite restaurants in Irving on those busy nights when you just don’t have time to prepare something yourself. At the Grande Center, we have unique dining options that will expand your culinary horizons beyond the drive-thru, and allow you to enjoy more quality time with family around the dinner table. Here are our favorite restaurants to enjoy while shopping in Irving at Grande Center:

Grab the Chinese Food you Crave at Grande Center

Some of the best places to eat on a busy night are Chinese restaurants, but the Empress of China is one of our favorite restaurants in Irving for its impressive menu. They have all the dishes you love, from fried rice to noodle dishes, soups, and vegetarian cuisines for the health-conscious family member. Order ahead to have your food ready for pick-up or get it delivered with available contactless options. 

Try Something New to Support Local 

One of the most exciting ways to support local restaurants is to branch out and try something new. At Pasand Indian Cuisine, you will find South Indian cuisine made with only the freshest ingredients and spices from India. Whether you’re craving something spicy like curry, or a lighter dish like tandoori chicken, you can find everything from Indian Chinese to Northern and Southern Indian cuisines. 

Cool Off with an Icy Treat 

Baskin Robbins is one of the best places to eat on a hot Texas day, especially if you’re in the mood for something sweet. Celebrate birthdays and accomplishments this fall with an ice cream cake, or order a sundae kit to create your favorite desserts at home. Order online or stop by to pick out the sweets you crave. 

Come join us this fall to dine with loved ones and enjoy a clean atmosphere with staff who take your health and wellness seriously. Want to find more of the best ways to support businesses in Irving? Check out our directory today! 

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Serving Up a New Together Again in Irving at Grande Center

Although the process of reopening Texas may have things looking a bit different now when you come out to shop with us at Grande Center, we want to encourage you to come out and shop with us as we grow accustomed to this new sense of normalcy together. With shopkeepers keeping their stores clean and sanitized, you can shop comfortably with us here in Irving. Here are the best ways to support local business in Irving at Grande Center:

Find the Help You Need at Grande Center

America Advance has always helped you get the cash advances and other loans you need when times are tough, and now, more than ever, it’s important to make sure you have the financial support you need. With clean facilities and expert loan advisors ready to help you, you can find the loan option that’s right for you and your current situation. 

Enjoy Your Favorite Baskin Robbins Flavors at Home

Although you might not be able to enjoy the ambiance of an ice cream shop like you once could when the Texas heat turns up, you can still order your favorite flavors online or over the phone to enjoy them with your loved ones at home. Baskin Robbins has created a create your own sundae kit that includes 2 prepacked pints of your go-to flavor and all the fixings you request to make the treat your own.

Crush Your Chinese Cravings

Now, more than ever, it’s important to dine at locally-owned mom and pop shops like the Empress of China. As the stores open in Irving during the process of reopening Texas, make sure to grab a quick bite to eat after a long day of exploring the new normal and place an order for pickup or curbside delivery from this authentic Chinese eatery.

Come visit us and lend your support to the local businesses in town by shopping and dining out when you can. Want to find more of the best ways to support businesses in Irving? Check out our directory today!